Knight World Realty


Our mission is to yield Knight World into the most formidable brand in real estate that has its roots in Malaysia but is are a truly global company at heart.

Armed with our industry specific expertise and a stellar team with proven track record in property sales, Knight World not only continues to etch its footprints internationally but also serves as a one-stop center to grow and expand your career in property.

Scott Tan

Founder of Knight World
About Knight World

Knight World was founded on a strong premise to be the foremost real estate agency with a focus on commercial and residential property management and consultation. Housed within the city center of Puchong— Knight World is proud to offer their expertise in managing 360degree solutions in property, from the leasing to the sales of secondary markets, such as commercial, industrial and high-end markets like KLCC.

At Knight World, we have a winning culture.

Our people are the ultimate forces behind our brand. We believe in developing meaningful connections with the right people who have a burning passion when it comes to all things property—this is in line with our mission of offering nothing but the best property solutions catered across all our clients.


Prior to Knight World, we used to be ‘Knight Realty’. Our choice of the word, “knight” is in line with our winning culture because it means a soldier who defends and attacks— to signify the relentless efforts we put into our services. The term ‘world’ was then added to prepare us into venturing international markets.


To harness Knight World’s legacy in creating new ways to ensure the property industry maintains its value in the business of real estate— leveraging on academic courses, internship opportunities while steadfastly provide property advisory services to ensure business continuity in the long run.


It’s all about property—Everything we do is rooted in property. We encourage both our junior and senior colleagues to be armed with the most sophisticated skillset and creative collaborations it takes to be in the current market.

We have a clear mission: To promote Malaysian property to the international markets following the market expansion.


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